Business Cluster Development

“If you want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If you want to Go Far, Go Together”

African Proverb

Our Business Cluster Development Services

We teamed up with leaders and members of business associations, social groups and public sector agencies or governments in Africa to accelerate the economic development and integration of industries and regions to improve the lives of stakeholders.

Other Types of Business Clusters We Work With

Fashion Business Clusters

Finance Business Clusters

Mining Business Clusters

Housing Business Clusters

Retail and Wholesale Business Clusters

Transport Business Clusters

Knowledge Business Clusters

Culture Business Clusters etc.

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Why Work With Us As A Business Cluster?

We work to transform the entire membership of the cluster and not a few

Absolute Advantage

We work with business clusters to deepen their absolute advantage. That is, helping them to produce more than their competitors with the same amount of resources such as labour. Which leads to lower cost and market dominance.

Bargaining Power

Facilitated by our team of experts, we guide our clients to develop the relative power of exerting influence over other parties when negotiating for partnerships, deals or resources.

Barriers To Entry

Business associations or groups need not fight over territory if they can develop their capacity to build high barriers to entry for other external competitors. We work with you to ward off unnecessary competitors who may have the resources to enter or take over your markets.

Industrial Economy

African businesses need to move from basic to advanced industrial production capacity. An industrial economic model under business cluster makes that possible. Thus why we are here to help all the way.

Market Power

We help business clusters develop market power, the ability to raise the market price for products or services. With the combined power of all members and a high standard for goods and services, our clients to earn more from charging more.

Economies of Scale

With our help, business clusters in Africa can reduce their cost per unit as they produce more. They can also scale up sales volumes to serve more customers and earn more. It takes a lot of planning and strategizing to succeed at economies of scale. We would like to help in that sense.

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