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Facilitating Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

Excellence in Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age

We are the ultimate partner for exploring the use of new technology for In-Person and On-line Experiential Teaching and Learning. For  Schools, Departments, Businesses, Corporations & Professionals.

Boost Teaching & Learning Experience

We help schools and other training institutions leverage on different teaching and learning tools to deliver experiential teaching and learning for their trainees. The trainees go out ready to do their work.

Transform Staff Learning Experience

Employees need to contintinually upgrade themselves with new knowledge and skills. They can do that through experiential learning technologies. Let us help you.

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Master of Business Administration

We have special interest in …

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

schools or classes

We are open to partnering with business schools, to help them access global standard business training and simulation tools. 

These tools and resources will help students to learn business management principles and concepts through gamification and simulation based activities.

Through our partners, students are presented with real-world business problems for them to explore solving the problems for existing organizations.

We also run MBA Master Class Series, where we invite top level executives to share their experiences and interact with students on corporate level challenges that needs solutions for future employees.


Selected Experiential Teaching & Learning Tools for Corporate Executives, Professionals and Tertiary Schools

Strategy tools


Explore the future of strategy

Thousands of companies, consultants, and leaders use the Strategy Tools Platform to learn, collaborate and transform their organizations for the future.

Make learning memorable

Engage your learners and get concepts to stick with our world-renowned business simulation software in marketing, strategy, sales & innovation.

Innovation Can’t Wait.

Every organization needs bold inventiveness. We teach a human-centered approach to innovation that helps companies around the world transform their workplaces, drive financial growth and blaze paths to success.

Mission-critical, corporate learning experiences delivered YOUR way

Bring in the joy of discovery. People learn best when they are motivated, engaged, and having fun!

A perspective changes everything

A business simulation focusing on strategic business acumen. A workshop focused on developing individual and organizational decision acumen

The future is certainly digital

Upgrade your capabilities and credentials to thrive in a highly rewarding digital economy career. Acquire the knowledge and credentials you need in the digital economy – as a manager, leader, or consultant..

Insights and solutions that empower leaders

Brightline® is a Project Management Institute (PMI) initiative together with leading global organizations dedicated to helping executives bridge the expensive and unproductive gap between strategy design and delivery.

Build an Invincible Company

Stop risking your future with business as usual. Uncover your teams’ entrepreneurial potential with our globally-trusted methodology and engaging platform.


Why Work with Us?

We take pleasure in seeing our clients succeed in exceeding the goal of their existence.

Significant Cost Reduction

The tools and resources we introduce to our clients helps them to reduce cost of providing quality teaching and learning in whatever capacity or form.

Human Resource Efficiency

We help our clients use the same or minimal number of human resources. Yet, they achieve more than what existed before Mpact Lane Came in.

High Knowledge & Skills Acquisition

The approach and processes we use help students and trainees develop quicker. They are able to use the knowledge and skills acquired effectively.

Better Data Analysis Capacity

There is power in data. We help clients appreciate the data they generate on a daily basis. For onward analysis to inform policy planning and decision making.

The Tools We Work With Are Mainly For:

Business Training

Technical Training

Professional Training

Informal Training

Healthcare Training

How It Works

Our Simple Process

We work through processes that makes the interaction seamless for all our clients 

We Meet The Client

The initial meeting is to understand the client’s point of view of the problem.

Frame the Problem for the Client

We reframe the problem from our point view for the client to approve.

Design a Solution for the Client

We co-design a suitable solution with the client, through a series of engagements.

Define the Roles of Stakeholders

We work with the client to clearly define roles of all stakeholders before the work begins.

Facilitate Implementation

We facilitate the implementation of the solution to ensure that the ultimate goal is achieved.

There are Better Teaching and Learning Tools.

We have access to these tools

We exist to search for global standard teaching and learning tools that can be adapted and used by our clients 

You didn't find what you were looking for?

Talk to us and we will find the right teaching and learning tool or resource for you.