What We Do

Transformation without a doubt

Strategic Management Consulting and Business Development Services

We use creative and innovative processes and systems to achieve results that can only be described as Magical!

Management Consulting

  1. Strategy development & facilitation
  2. Business transformation planning 
  3. Performance improvement
  4. Change-management
  5. Advanced business analytics
  6. Digital transformation planning
  7. Corporate finance & investment
  8. Corporate governance, management & leadership
Management Consulting - Mpactlane
Business Development Services - Mpactlane

Business Development Services

  1. Advisory, coaching, consulting and mentoring
  2. Training and development (Using experiential learning tools)
  3. Marketing planning & implementation
  4. Research, analysis and commercialization development
  5. Strategic business and project facilitation and review
  6. Funding brokerage and investment management
  7. Incubator and co-working space development
  8. Business writing (Business plan, project proposal writing and others) etc.

Business Support Services

  1. Accounting, auditing and tax management support
  2. Business registration and other compliance management support
  3. Business call centre support management
  4. Virtual and remote representation and management support
  5. SME and Non-Profit database management e. Service providers’ database management
  6. Agency, co-working space and business center management
  7. Digital business development 
  8. Sales support management etc.
Business Support Services - Mpactlane

We ensure that our clients end up being Awesome People using using Awesome Processes, to serve Awesome Products to Awesome Customers in all cases

We also specialize in ...

Strategic planning facilitation

We can help you explore the use of global standard business tools that helps you plan and execute strategy with ease.

Strategic Funding facilitation

We leverage on strategic global relationships and expertise to arrange flexible funding structure for our clients. Be it Equity, Debt or Grants.

Grants proposal development

Accessing grant funding could be simple, it requires better preparation. We come in to guide our clients so they can succeed at it.

Business plan development

No matter the purpose, we can develop a simple or advance business plans for clients to use to start or grow their business.

Business transformation

We want to support you future-proof your business with new principles, concepts and tools that will transform your organization.

Digital business development

Your digital customer is waiting for you. We are here to lead the process to offer your digital customer a value they can’t resist.

We make the People Better, Process Better, Product Better and your Customers  feel more Awesome

Our Approach


We believe everything starts with the Strategy. Using new, innovative and practical tools, strategies will never be the same for you again.


Effective innovation proper planning and intentional execution. Using new tools and resources backed by a renewed mindset.


The world is moving from a mere change in organizations to transformation. The process can be simple and uncomplicated.


It takes time to grow. But it can only happen with careful understanding, proper plan and near perfect execution.

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Experience the new ways of Starting, Running and Growing organizations in Africa