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Strategic Partnerships

We facilitate different forms of strategic partnerships for our clients. We focus on developing partnerships between companies and industries that are either related or not as well as help them work together toward common goals by utilizing our proven managerial strategies.

Mpact Lane Consult uses agility to help get the partnerships off the ground, providing outside resources and capabilities in order to quickly reach a faster-to-market proposition and more versatility when it comes down to competition.

we recognize the important role partnerships can play in the growth of every business. 

Strategic Partnership or Alliance

Strategic partnership or alliance enables you to pool resources, leverage your combined expertise, and go further as a team than either of you could go alone. A strategic partnership or alliance is a win-win for both sides.

S Strategic partnerships or alliances can take different forms or types. It always depends on the parties involved and how they want to structure the partnership or alliance. It can be categorized two main ways. One has 3 options and the other has 5 options.

In a joint venture, two companies come together to form a third distinct legal business entity – a “child” company – by means of a binding contract.

The parties usually partner together with 50-50 ownership or equal share to leverage their individual strengths.

In an equity strategic partnership, one partner purchases equity in another company.

Alternatively, both partners can also purchase equity in each other’s companies.

In a non-equity strategic partnership, parties pool resources toward a mutual business objective in a more informal agreement.

There are no child entities or shared equity. For this reason, non-equity strategic alliances are one of the most common.

Popular non-equity strategic alliances are distribution partnerships.

3 Types Option

This option groups the types based on the organizational structure. The models makes it a bit easy to understand the contribution and interest of all parties in the partnership or alliance.

5 Types of Strategic Partnerships

The 5 types option of Strategic partnerships or alliances considers the focus or operational area(s) of the partnership.

The 5 types of strategic partnerships or alliance include:

The underlying principle is that one company is responsible for making the product, and the other is responsible for selling, with the aim of tapping into an entirely new market.

Its when companies agree to share their resources to get the final optimum product. One firm makes components for the other firm. Second firm gains its components and the first gains a brand image, exposure, and legitimacy.

In this partnership you get to put more focus on your core business and in-house activities. While the other partner is responsible for looking into the finance aspect of the other company solely, keeps a close and detailed account of your finances.

It involves working with IT companies. Any kind of technological expertise that is necessary for your business that you cannot provide in-house can be relegated to a strategic technology partnership.

It consists of agreements between hardware and software manufacturers. Where both parties work together by making their hardware and software available to each other for the benefit of the customer. It is a win-win situation for each party connected.

Advantages of a Strategic Partnerships

Increased resources

Strategic partnerships enable businesses to gain access to supplementary resources in the form of knowledge, products, or other assets without changing their core functions.

Access to new markets

One of the most popular reasons to enter into strategic alliances is to gain access to another market. This is especially common when a new product, event, or campaign is being launched.

Expanded customer base

In a strategic alliance, it’s typical for businesses to be publicly mentioned by their partner. In fact, businesses often choose partners based on their local presence or position in another market.

Agile business growth

A strategic alliance brings the benefit of having double the manpower, skillset, knowledge, and more. Reaching your objectives can instantly be done much quicker and more efficiently.

Greater brand awareness

With an expanded customer base and growth into new markets, strategic partnership brings about building brand awareness. Partnering with a business that has a positive reputation can also enhance your own through association.

Strategic Alliances - Building Partnerships That Get Real Results

Thinking about getting into a strategic alliance? Learn more about this popular type of partnership and how to make it work for your business.

Local Partnerships

Global Partnerships

Make The Best Of The Local and International Networks

You don’t need to explore your market or industry alone. Join hands with other stakeholders and players in your specific industry and arena to take full advantage of the opportunities available.

If you don’t other players will come in and take over your market with their abundant resources.

Ready To Partner Strategically?

Strategic partnerships are a great way for a business to spur rapid growth and increase profit in a sustainable manner. While the mutual benefits are huge, it’s critical to do the groundwork first.

Let's help you build better and strategic partnerships to make growth easier

With the right support to lay a good foundation and unwavering commitment from both sides, there is no reason why a strategic partnerships won’t bring phenomenal success for both partners.

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