Who We Are

Who We Are

Mpact Lane Consult is a strategic management consulting and business development solutions provider. Created to deliver innovative one-stop-shop services for startups, organizations, businesses, non-profits and other agencies, Mpact Lane Consult collaborate with major stakeholders to help clients become value-driven entities.

Our groundbreaking solutions rely on our expertise in end-to-end strategic management consulting and business development services, deep understanding of the emerging, current and future business trends to help clients achieve future-driven goals. So they in turn can deliver on consistently growing value for their customers and other stakeholders.

We go beyond just consulting …

We help our clients navigate challenging and changing times, by guiding them through their transformation journey with our unique solutions backed by the use of global standard business tools, strong commitment to impactful results.

Who we are - Mpactlane

Our Mission and Purpose

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“We exist to inspire transformational leadership competence in the potential of people and organizations to fulfill the world”


That involves consistently delivering as the greatest transformational ambassador around Africa, helping to apply the principles of transformation in every activity for sustainable impact.


“To be the strategic springboard for the revolutionary transformation of African organizations and institutions”

Every encounter with our team is always transformational for our clients. For us, it’s always about the value we are giving you and the impact it makes on your business and other stakeholders.

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Our Culture

Our culture is hinged on the 7 values we have adopted. These values do not only reflect our approach in working with clients, but also describe the way we organize ourselves internally. A network of transformational minded people, passionate about empowering others, adopting a mindset of experimentation and stimulating transparency and open feedback.

Our Core Values

These 7 commandments guide us in our everyday life. Our core values guide us in how we create respect and value our judgment and deliver on our commitments:


We engage openly, honestly and with clarity.


Doing the right thing is non-negotiable.


Impossible means nothing, go all-out for what really matters.


We don’t believe in doing everything alone.


Great people, great culture and great accomplishments.


Passionately innovate, initiate, have fun, change the world.


We are naturally inspired and motivated by other people’s failures and successes.

Why Work With Us

We have critical-value-relationships with the best converged group with expertise in various industries pumped up and ready to help you all the way. Among all, the following strengths distinguish Mpact Lane Consult in the management consulting and business development services marketplace:


We are committed to the long-term development of our employees, clients and partners.

Strong Network

We are surrounded by a strong network of expertise and major stakeholders in public and private sectors.


Our focus on transformation is supported with the use of global standard business tools that takes our clients to the next level.

Targeted Solution

Our targeted, end-to-end and evolving service offerings ensure that the solutions we co-design takes you beyond your destination 

We Take Strategic Planning and Execution to a Whole New Level

Team of Experts

We work with a team of professionals and experts who have specialized in various sectors and industries in and outside Ghana to help our clients every step of the way. 

We are confident in our abilities because over the years, we have each worked with different organizations and institutions in both public and private sectors on numerous projects.


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Our 3 Pillar Approach


We believe that Understanding leads to Uniqueness for our clients.

We help our clients define their:
Values/Culture – Who they are
Mission – Why they exist
Vision – Where they are destined to be in the future
 Competitive Advantage – How they will continue to survive and
Resources – What they will need to achieve their goal.
We believe these are the key drivers of sustainable innovation.


We believe that Availability guarantees the Right to benefit our clients.

We make it simply possible for our clients to discover the key, relevant and strategic resources, tools, and partners they need to Start, Run and Grow their businesses whiles entering the future with confidence. 

If there is any information, technology, material, knowledge, etc. available in the world, our job is to help our clients access and use it.


We believe that Sustainability demands continuous Development.

We assist our clients to envision beyond tomorrow. So they can develop the required culture, structures, systems, and strategic paths that will lead and guide them to redefine their respective industries for others to follow. 

All powered by consistent innovation with the P Frame – Product, Process and People.